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« Sharing surgery »

1. The origin: « Chirurgie Plus » came about as a result of an unusual experience and of a wish to share

With experience of post-conflict surgery.

Having undertaken frequent humanitary missions early in his carreer, Docteur Bertrand Mattéoli, Plastic Surgeon, a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and above all else, Reconstructive Surgery, practised right at the center of the most violent conflicts and in the most poverty-striken countries of our time.
In Cambodia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Madagascar, he made every effort to repair the physical consequences of violence and poverty.
Working with his local colleagues in operating rooms without sufficient equipment, talking with them and their patients, he saw them powerless and solutionless confronted by cases of malformations or wounds that they were unable to treat through lack of means and experience.
He has tried to find an answer to their request of this surgeons for additional training so as to help them, practising in under-developped countries or in crises, to rebuild broken or condemned lives, as result of being able to master new operating techniques.

The wish to offer shared surgery.

In France, answering his appeal, a group of distinguished surgeons, joined Bertrand Matteoli, motivated by their desire to share their professional competence with their foreign colleagues.
« Chirurgie Plus » was founded in 2007 as a result of this desire to exchange surgical and medical know-how.
Each « host  » surgeon undertakes to welcome a « guest surgeon », wishing to further his technical expertise and offers him the opportunity, within his own speciality, of acquiring a maximum of competence in a minimum of time.

2. The action: surgeons undertake to ensure for their less-favoured peers individually adapted training in the most suitable specialities.

Reception and financial responsabilities.

  • The first consideration is the desire of a surgeon, living in an underpriviledged country, to increase the range of his operating techniques and to enter into a network of specialists
  • At the heart of the system, the promise by one of the members of the group, a surgeon practcing in France, to offer a personal welcome in his clinic or in his hospital service, to sponsor his guest, to train him by working with him, to give him the benefit of his personal experience and then to ensure the follow-up once the « guest » has returned to his own country.
  • In practice, for « each guest surgeon », the association offers a « made-to-mesure » visit, lasting on average one month, the acceptance of his travel and lodging expenses, the organistion of his training schedule so as to maximize the professional contacts in the fields that most interest him.
    This modern version of the practice of « companionship » applied in the medical world, will give rise to a network of international aid based on surgical excellence.

The basis of the network.

The six first surgeons, have already signed a charter of moral engagement with « Chirurgie Plus ». They represent six specialities that are vital in countries with precarious or understrength health systems.
– Cancer Surgery
– Coelioscopic Surgery
– Gynecological Surgery
– Child Plastic Surgery
– General Plastic Surgery
– Hand Surgery

Others surgeons are ready to join the initial group, depending on the demands made as the network develops.

Madagascar, India, and the Ivory Coast…:
The first request made to « Chirurgie Plus » came from these countries, especially Madagascar.
Docteur Matteoli and his colleagues select and direct the Madagascan surgeons who wish to take advantage of the offer made by the association.

Rising hopes.

In Madagascar, every day, children and adults suffer burns but die through lack of treatment. Local surgeons have not been trained in re-animation and skin-graft techniques. The latter technique can be easily learned and only requires low-cost equipment.
Thanks to « Chirurgie Plus » Madagascar surgeons will be able to save and treat these burn- casualties.
In Africa and Asia, children born with disfigurements, such as cleft lip and palate, are frequently isolated by their families and excluded from communal life. It is only when, by chance, a humanitarian medical mission pays a visit to the community that the disfigured individual can have an operation.
In the future, African and Asian surgeons, trained by the Association, will be able to carry out operations in situ.

3. The ressource: a capital of gifts in time and competence a total acceptance of the cost of the visit

Thanks to the system of twinning, on which the association is based, and to the volunteer French surgeons who host and train their less-favoured colleagues, the association can keep its spending to a minimum.
The monthly budget for each guest surgeon is about 4,000 euros. This covers travel expenses to and from France, and accommodation, meals and travel within France.

Bank Reference of the Association.

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